Ub3rgames News Sammelthread


Ub3rgames schreiben fast jeden Dienstag einen Bericht.
Damit es für die Leute die im Moment nicht aktiv spielen etwas einfacher ist dem zu folgen ist hier ein Sammelthread gereiht von neuestem zu ältestem.

12.02.2017 The Armor Patch

23.11.2016 PvE-Stress test results

09.11.2016 Free stress test #2 - new pricing model

27.09.2016 The InDev Master Plan:

06.09.2016 Laying down a solid Foundation

18.08.2016 End of open access and patch 3 overview

10.08.2016 Concluding performances and the war on macroing

03.08.2016 One month already

20.07.2016 Diminishing returns and their anti-grind impact

29.06.2016 Launch and patch 1 notes

es gibt noch viele mehr aber alle die älter sind werde ich hier nichtmehr auflisten.
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gab endlich mal wieder einen neuen news eintrag von ihnen. er ist schon 5 tage alt. sorry für die verspätung.


Hier ein bisschen was zum Thema Spawn scaling

Please note that, as we said from the start, the mechanics of spawn scaling are implemented, not its balancing.
There is a reason why spawn scaling is marked for Patch Cycle 6: That's when we will have finished rebalancing the loot tables.
For now, our focus is on getting the mechanics working and bug free. It is already fun, and that's what matters.

However, note that scaling is based on the initial spawn. So any spawn that was valuable before are now even more valuable.
Except that they are no longer punishing to do as a group, and can offer daily group PvP more consistently as the reward makes it worth it.

And in general, we are trying to get away from the static resource faucets. It would be shortsighted not to.
In all of Darkfall's history, the static supply of the world has ben source of problems. At times of high population providing not enough and creating power gaps, and at other times outputting far too much compared to the existing population.
With dynamic outputs in the world, we can then focus on having dynamic sinks that are proportional to the world activity.
Working on balancing what a character can obtain and loses on a per player basis will allow us to keep the whole economy in check, especially when a larger population will start playing.

Note also that there are diminishing returns at play, with difficulty scaling faster than reward.
For example on those streams, a granite golem kill gave around 35 iron ore per person, while alone it would range between 45-75.
Again, the purpose of the feature is for group play to not feel punishing, and at that, it is already successful.


heute nacht wurde der lang erwartete armor patch ins spiel gepatcht.

es sind viele große und kleine änderungen dabei und wiesehr sich das spiel dadurch ändern wird ist noch garnicht abschaubar, was klar ist, dass dies ein patch ist der Darkfall New Dawn stark vom alten DFO2012 abhebt.