Darkfall: Rise of Agon - Alpha priority

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    Ich spreche kein Deutsch , so verzeihen Sie mir bitte! (google translate)

    Hello, Bewahrer der welten!

    I come to you to raise awareness about Darkfall, and that it's actually coming back! Big Picture Games, a company formed from the Darkfall community, has actually acquired the license from Aventurine. And it's for the original game, not the disappointment that was Unholy Wars.

    AV will have nothing to do with the new game. BPG's plans are to fix all the flaws the game had, mainly on addressing the Power Gap/grind, as well as gameplay and AI exploits. Once they refine the existing features, they'll focus on adding new content to the game. They're constantly interacting with the community on their forums as well, which is refreshing to see.

    I don't know about you, but no other MMO has been able to satisfy me like Darkfall did. The adrenaline, the rush, the memories...it was an experience that has never been replicated. The combat system alone has yet to be rivaled by any other MMO on the market. ROA is our only hope. I share this news to you in hopes of once again seeing BDW in Agon!

    Clans that register a "Group" on their forums, and invite their members, will receive priority for Alpha/Beta, so creating one would be a good idea:https://forums.darkfallriseofagon.com/groups/

    Here is the website, where you can sign up for Alpha: https://darkfallriseofagon.com/

    Their Alpha/Beta Development Roadmap: https://forums.darkfallriseofagon.com/threads/early-development-roadmap.931/

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    Trägt uns da jemand ein??
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    Sorry, heute erst gelesen.
    Ich schnack das mal mit dem @Noraya ab, ob wir mit einer guten Führung (Nicht mich :D ) unter dem Bewahrer-Tag auftreten dürfen.